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The College of Engineering (CEn) started as a department, the Department of Agricultural Engineering offering a secondary Farm Mechanics Course in the then Central Luzon Agricultural School (CLAS).

In June 1955, five years after the school was elevated into the Central Luzon Agricultural College (CLAC), the Department was expanded to include the offering of a 4-year curriculum in Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (BSAEn). Later in 1959, this curriculum program was revised into a 5-year BSAEn program.

When CLAC was converted into what is now the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) through R.A. No. 4067 of 1964, the Department of Agricultural Engineering became the College of Engineering.

Over the long years, the CEn has carved a name for itself. Its graduates have excelled in the board examinations for engineers and have occupied key management positions on which they have earned national and international recognition for their outstanding works. All these achievements have contributed to the high reputation of the College.

To date, the CEn offers a variety of degree courses both in the graduate and the undergraduate levels. In order to educate students who want to become professional civil engineers, the CEn also started offering the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree program in 1984. In addition, the CEn began to offer the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2001 to produce graduates with professional competency and knowledge in information technology.

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