CHED Center of Excellence in Agricultural Engineering

Member of the  ERDT Consortium

Program Information

1. Program

     b. Degree Granted : Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

2. Academic College where the Program is Offered : College of Engineering

3. Institution
     a. Name : Central Luzon State University
     b. Location of the Main Campus : Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija
     c. Campus where the Program is Offered : Science City of Munoz,Nueva Ecija

4. Name and Title of the:
     a. Chairman of the AE Department : Dr. Romeo B. Gavino
     b. Dean of the College : Dr. Ireneo C. Agulto
     c. VP for Academic Affairs : Dr. Tereso A. Abella
     d. President of the Institution : Dr. Ruben C. Sevilleja

5. Legal Basis of the Program

In June 1955, The Department of Agricultural Engineering started to offer a 4-year curriculum in Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (BSAEn). In 1959, after seeing its first batch of graduates, this curricular program was revised into a 5-year BSAEn program.

By virtue of R.A. No. 6067 of 1964, the department was elevated into what is now the College of Engineering, having the mandate of implementing the BSAEn degree program. The program has seen some revisions to address the minimum standards and requirements set by the CHED-Technical Panel in Agricultural Education, including the expected competencies of the graduates of the program and the needs of the industry and other stakeholders.

The latest BSAEn curriculum complies with CHED MEMO No. 37 s. 2007 and was approved during the 183rd meeting of the CLSU Board of Regents on September 14, 2010 through BOR Resolution No. 46-2010 . The AE program was awarded the Level 3 Accreditation by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) since September 1, 2008. 

6. Features of the BSAEn Program

  •  BSAE Program is governed by CHED through CMO 37 S 2007 entitled “Revised Policies and Standards for the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering Program”
  • CMO 37 S 2007 sets the requirements for program administration, faculty, curriculum, library, land, facilities and equipment, admission, selection and residency, graduate placement, and faculty development
  • BSAEn Program consists of:


CHED Minimum Units


General Education



Fundamental Agriculture



Basic Engineering



Professional Ag. Engg.






Thesis/Field Practice






Opportunities for BSAEn graduates

Graduates of the program are expected to pass the Professional Regulation Commission board examination for agricultural engineers then apply their professional knowledge to the agro-industrial development needs locally and/or globally, and may work in careers with the following goals: 

  • Consultation, valuation, investigation and management services on agricultural engineering; 
  • Management and the preparation of engineering designs, plans, specifications, project studies and estimates for agricultural, fishery machinery, buildings and structures, electrification and energy systems, processing equipment facilities and equipment, waste utilization and management system and facilities, and irrigation, drainage and soils and water conservation systems and facilities; 
  •  Conducting research and development, training and extension work, and consultancy services on agricultural engineering facilities/services and technologies; 
  • Testing, evaluation and inspection of agricultural, fishery and machinery and other related agricultural engineering facilities and equipment; 
  • Management, manufacturing and/or marketing of agricultural machinery and other related agricultural engineering facilities and equipment;
  • Teaching, agricultural engineering subjects in institution of learning in the Philippines; 
  • Employment with the government provided such item or position requires the knowledge and expertise of an agricultural engineer. 

Admission Requirements

     • GPA of at least 80 percent in 4th year high school
     • Must belong to the first 400 passers in the CLSU College Admission Test
     • Must pass the college interview 

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