CHED Center of Excellence in Agricultural Engineering

Member of the  ERDT Consortium


CEn faculty members are highly qualified researchers considering the continuous support that the University gives them in terms of its manpower development. CLSU continuously develops its faculty by sending them to reputable universities here and abroad in order to attain their MS and PhD degrees. In so doing, they are honed by conducting the required researches while they are pursuing their degrees, including thesis and dissertation researches. In addition, CLSU also allows them to attend workshops, trainings, research paper presentations, conventions, etc. in order to update themselves of the current research undertakings in the field of Agricultural Engineering. Likewise, CLSU provides all available research facilities and equipment of the University that are needed in the conduct of any approved research proposals.

All faculty have the capacity to make their own research proposals. These proposals include researches in the fields of Civil Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Farm Power and Machinery, Crop Process Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Environmental Engineering.


  • Application of Nuclear Analytical Techniques for Efficient Nutrient and Irrigation Management in Corn Production
  • Real Time Soil Moisture Monitoring for Irrigation Scheduling: A Climate Smart Production System (Use of AWS data and soil moisture sensors to schedule irrigation of corn)
  • Minimizing Losses in Water Harvesting Structures (hydrological and water balance studies in small farm reservoirs)
  • Promotion and Commercialization of Drip Irrigation in Upland Areas (drip irrigation scheduling of tomato and other vegetables using soil and weather data)
  • GIS-Based Monitoring System for Lahar-Laden Agricultural Areas (Identifying potential production areas for aromatic rice using weather, soil and other parameters)
  • Semi-Automated Greenhouse for Vegetable Production (Modification of environment inside the greenhouse suitable for high value vegetable production)
  • Biodiversity Program: Community Based Monitoring System for Selected Watersheds in(Development Central Luzon of flood, erosion, fire vulnerability maps)
  • Chinese Hybrid Rice Testing, Breeding and Commercialization
  • Integrated Rice Production and Processing Center
  • Biogas Generation
  • Promotion of Rice Husk Gasifier as Green Energy Technology(Rice Husk Project)
  • Promotion of Rice Husk Gasifier as Green Energy Technology (Rice Husk Project)
  • Micro-Hydro Electric Power (MHP) Generation from Irrigation Water Flows.
  • Development of Micro-hydro Peripherals and Technology in the Philippines. 
  • Farmer-managed Clean Production Facilities for Swine Waste Management for Fuel and Organic Fertilizer. 
  • Purification and Containerization of Biogas and Production of Organic Fertilizer. 
  • Fabrication of 40 KW Micro hydro Crossflow Turbine. Bangued Abra, Philippines.

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